Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Bosch Effect

I name this effect in honor of PEPITO BOSCH--- who was, until he died in XXXX, a kind of elder/wiseman/shaman figure in the Philippine art scene. More on that some other time. The Bosch Effect is this: When a fifty-something year old hangs out with twenty-to-thirty-somethings, he automatically becomes their wise man, IRRESPECTIVE OF HOW WISE HE ACTUALLY IS.

This is not meant to impugn Pepito Bosch in any way. This is an observation on the role of roles, and how groups create structure within themselves by apportioning roles to the likeliest candidates. The same effect can be observed currently drawing haloes around ROX LEE, TEDDY CO, and PEPE SMITH.

I observe this effect among creatives: musicians, filmmakers, painters and so on. One wonders whether it works among people who do not see themselves as rebels. Probably. It probably works among any group of people who see themselves as a group. A tribe.

The effect seems to indicate that when an assemblage of people begin to see themselves as a group, it sets up a drive in which they seek people to fill archetypal roles. The wise man seems to be a common or necessary role. One can easily think of 5 to 10 more which are not as often filled: The king, the princess, the martyr, the enemy, the traitor, and so on.

The interesting thing about the Bosch Effect is how like a dance it is: it takes two to tango. Just as the young are attracted by the need to look up to someone, the old are attracted by the need to mentor the young.

Okay, there are exceptions. The first one is: The older man CAN be given other roles. Sometimes he becomes The Fool. However, it seems that he must actively play the fool to get this identity. If he just keeps his mouth shut, wisdom is the first image the young project on his silence.

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Anonymous said...

All My respects to Pepito Bosch. He helped me grow and find myself and understand the Philippines. He was a very wise man and had a lot to offer the young generation including myself. We all respected his wisdom and experience! He was no follower and we did not follow him but respected his views and his many years of wisdom. He created his own tributaries in the river of life. Your article does not pay respect to this legend! He was never a fool!