Monday, July 10, 2006

Dummy Head Microphone

headmic LS
Originally uploaded by angermitano.
A stereo microphone I built. Microphones mounted in a dummy head is actually an old and respectable stereo recording technique. Recordings made with such mikes were supposed to sound fantastic over headphones, because the headphones reproduced the exact audio information that two human ears would receive at the recording environment. Some orchestral records were recorded this way, using grey and featureless heads. The technique lost popularity, probably because it would sound like shit over speakers in a living-room. It'd make perfect sense for recording stuff intended for mobile mp3 players though.

I found the doll's head in a park. Didn't wash the mud off because I deliberately wanted to make a tool that was not self-effacing, anonymous and clean, but obtrusive, meaning-laden, and dirty. It works as a microphone, but seems eerie, loaded. I'm not sure what I'll incorporate it into, but it seems to invite shamanic usage: using a magical object to record sound in order to incorporate magical properties into the recording. Maybe.

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