Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Fuck Lomography

The question is not so much what the hell lomo is or what the hell
lomography is, as how the hell is lomography different from nikonography,minoltagraphy, leicagraphy, etc.

Lomo is not the name of a new technology and lomography is not the name of a new discipline/practice/art. They are marketing words cooked up by fuckbrain marketers.

The lomo is an instamatic camera made by the lomo corporation. Period. The answer to the question. "What the Hell is Lomography" is therefore "The art of taking pictures with an instamatic camera made by the Lomo corporation. "

If there is such a word as lomography, then the following words also exist:

kodakography the art of taking pictures with Kodak film
fuijigraphy the art of taking pictures with Fuji film
vivitagraphy the art of taking pictures with Vivitar lenses

etc. , ie: repeat for every corporation in the world.

Further, EVERY POSSIBLE COMBINATION OF THESE WORDS WOULD EXIST, so that, for example, there would be such a word as:

nikonokodakovivitalevisairjordanography, which would be the art of taking pictures with a Nikon camera using a Vivitar zoom loaded with Kodak film while wearing 501s and Nike cross-trainers.

So fuck "lomography"


Anonymous said...

yea, i believe its a marketing strategy

Anonymous said...

Great parting shot...hehehe.

Unknown said...

Never trust an 'art movement' that was started by marketing students.

Anonymous said...

Well said.

It's a corrupt movement selling old and tried ideas as its own.

Plausible Deniability said...

ahh, i was wondering how it wasn't anything more than photography from cheap shitty cameras...thank you for clearing this up fro me!

Lom Oiskrap said...

oh yeah ! cheap all-plastic cameras from chinese quality made wich are sold up to 50$... same price than a second hand minolta SRT, that's so sad. Taking shitty pictures with a lomo is clearly the last fashion. I bought a panoramic instamatic 2€ in the neighborhood, at least i don't feel like i've been cheated.