Thursday, September 24, 2009

El Cheapo Soldering Assistant.

Built this out of a plastic tripod I bought in Hong Kong for about PhP120 (I think). Inspired by this instructable. But the instructable uses a bunch of coolant tubes and nozzles-- not easy to find here, and about 10x more expensive. My take on it is cheap, simple and elegant enough to make me want to post it here. Since I basically screwed the tripod plate onto the stand, a single button-press detaches the stand, making it more portable than the original that inspired it. The alligator clips are soldered to banana plugs, which are jacked into banana jacks (called "binding posts" in Alexan) that I jammed into holes that I drilled into the feet of the tripod. This allows the clips to rotate inside said holes. Very handy, very useful, very very easy to make.

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