Monday, March 14, 2011

PASSAGE: Additional Materials/Documentation

Here I'll be posting links to materials created/collected by my curator, the brilliant and indefatigable Lisa Chikiamco of Visual Pond, who, together with Boots Herrera, rescued the painter Lee Aguinaldo from obscurity, curating a major retrospective on the man and writing the major chunks of the book about him. Lisa is also currently reinventing Philippine art documentation as something to be practiced as multimedia on the net as well as atoms on bookshelves. I'd be the first to admit that the audio of my talk is falls somewhat short of hi-fidelity standards, but that the talk was recorded at all (and, further, that it is up for access on the net) already constitutes better and more proactive documentation than that of most Philippine art institutions. It should also be noted that everything was shot and recorded entirely on her own initiative, with her own equipment. Now I think I should have helped her with it, but at the time I felt it was all I could do to make the work, figure out what the work was and what I was going to say about it. Perhaps I also felt it was a bit unseemly to be too interested in the process of recording my own sound and image. Go figure. Traces of old Catholic school injunctions against self-promotion, self-regard. Vanitas.

At any rate, my talk is up on Visual Pond's youtube channel in five parts here, here, here, here and here. The last part shows me exhibiting iPatch 1: Teddyvision, the smallest and most mobile video installation in the Philippines. I'll be writing that up in another post.

The catalog is available for download here.

Visual Pond has a slideshow up on their blog as well.

Lastly and most interesting is Lisa's own blog here: I really like her move in deciding to refrain from thematic grouping in favor of a preliminary empirical investigation. As there actually is a possibility that the artists here are not doing something that had been forseen by Baudrillard etc.

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